Morley Pet Project - Be a Dog House Sponsor!

Anyone can sponsor to have a dog house built and delivered to a family on the Reserve! Small, medium or large!

  • $250 for a small insulated dog house with straw and door flaps (fits one average size dog)
  • $350 for medium (fits two average size dogs or one large one and one average size)
  • $550 for very large (fits as many as they have at their house!)


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What we do is simple. We rescue animals from some of the most unforgiving places.

  • Our Own Backyard: Abandoned dogs and cats suffer from starvation, lack of companionship and exposure to the extreme weather conditions of Calgary‚Äôs reservations and dumping areas every day. Learn more about Rez Dogs...

  • The Notorious Dumping Ground Pits of Mexico: There is no such thing as a humane death in these pits, where dogs are either mauled to death due to starvation in crammed conditions, or electrocuted to death. Learn more about these dumping grounds and hoarders...

  • Overcrowded Animal Shelters: Hundreds of dogs and cats are on death row simply because the shelters lack the resources to continue to provide proper care for them. Visit our Spay & Neuter Information page...

  • Natural Disasters: When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, our team was there to rescue dogs who had been left behind.

  • Dog Training and Rehabilitation in Calgary & Bow Valley Region.

But we could have never given so many dogs and cats a second chance without your support.

Our adopters, donors, fosterers and volunteers are the reason why - in 2011 alone - we were able to rescue over 350 dogs and cats. For that, we thank you!